Friday, July 19, 2013

Flippable Topics for AP Psychology

Flipping the Psychology Classroom: Strategies for Active Learning
Amy C. Fineburg, PhD – APAC 2013

These topics are good to use to assign for students to read their textbook or watch instructional videos on their own. 

Flippable Topics for AP Psychology:

History & Approaches
            Early schools of thought in psychology
            Famous early psychologists

Research Methods
            Operational definitions
            The normal curve

Biological Bases of Behavior
            Action potentials
            Structure of the nervous system
            Structures in the brain        

Sensation & Perception
            Signal detection theory
            Anatomy of the sense organs
            Gestalt principles
            Monocular depth cues

States of Consciousness
            Theories of hypnosis
            REM sleep
            Theories of dreams
            The psychology of addiction
            Neurotransmitters and drugs

            Basic principles of classical conditioning
            Basic principles of operant conditioning

            Heuristics and algorithms
            Basics of language

Motivation & Emotion
            Theories of motivation
            Hormones of eating
            Theories of emotion
            General adaptation syndrome

Developmental Psychology
            Milestone of development
            Assimilation and accommodation
            Parenting styles
            Freud’s theory of personality
            Reciprocal determinism

Testing & Individual Differences
            Reliability and validity
            Stereotype threat

Abnormal Behavior
            Each category of disorders

Treatment of Abnormal Behavior

Social Psychology
            Cognitive dissonance theory
            Social facilitation and loafing
            Groupthink versus conformity

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